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Content or inbound text links?
To achive a high ranking in search engines the answer is: both

Major search engines and SEOs (search engine optimizers) are on the same side striving to achieve the same goal - relevant search results for any given search term.

Many sites have plenty of great content for users which could be used as a shared information and advertising platform. A platform that is free and comply to fair search engine optimization practices. Similarly ranked sites can easily exchange links to broaden their sites visitor experience. Small or new sites may not have a chance for the link exchange with higher ranked sites, however. Their only choice may be buying text links from high Page Rank and content rich sites. This can be a positive result for the global Internet community as smaller sites can fill out the niche content or specialize in less common subjects. We don't see anything unethical for linking aimed toward better searching experience for actual information as long as you exchange links with sites your visitors will find useful. Don't exchange links only to increase link popularity. Use descriptive anchor text for all your text links. Most search engines consider anchor text of incoming links when ranking pages.

When a search engine spider analyzes a web page, it determines keyword relevancy based on an algorithm, which is a formula that calculates how web pages are ranked. The most important content for a search engines is the most important content for the target audience - the relevant search results your customers are going to see when they arrive at your web site.


Search engines are becoming better and better at listing the best sites at the top of the search results and at weeding out sites that employ shady tactics. Keep your optimisation efforts honest. This could take more effort but it will definitely pay off in the long run.


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